And so I say “Let It Be”

Inspiration is like lightning you never know when it strikes – Anonymous

It all started when I got promoted to Manager about two years ago. I was elated and excited to start on a new journey and this had been a long time goal. And once I achieved it, I reached to that point of my life… What Next??

I had no answer to that question because I never thought that far. So a year into my new role, I functioned like I would normally do managing projects, doing firm initiatives (projects of passion/learning), interacting with senior leadership and carrying on with life but my mind was riddled with finding my passion.

Searching for Inspiration…

Over the past month, I met folks who have truly inspired me. I met an old acquaintance who is now following his passion of being a full-time artist. La la land – the movie I was rather oblivious to and coerced by my cousin to watch, showed me the importance of dreaming and perseverance. An energizing conversation with my soul sister over country music. Experience shared by Senior leaders enlightened me on how to Envision and Conceptualize and make Actionable Plans. And a confidant colleague at work who always says “Focus on your Strengths and sharpen them rather than worrying about your short comings”.

And so in the past week working with the people around me, we came up with two visions that brings together passion and work.

People Management
You can’t control someone’s personality, you can decide how you’re going to Respond

Functional Growth
Bringing the Functional Aspect into project deliveries

Looking forward to rolling this out, continuing to be inspired by you and in return hope to inspire you with this article.

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”
– A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


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