For the Love of Zumba

And I am back… Once you get on to the bandwagon of being inspired, everything around you looks splendid: a small gesture, a quick chat or reading an article. I thought I would write once a month but inspiration seems to be knocking on my door and Yes I shall receive.

Even though I am an IT project manager, for me work and passion go very well together. My workplace provides me the space and I take out the time for it. At work began my love for Zumba, a three month course offered as an external event. Dancing is my first love, being Fit is a need and Zumba brings this all well together.

Soon after the course ended, I looked up Zumba classes near my home after being motivated by my bestest friend from a land far far away. I came across this energetic ball, Hana Meshram who is always pumped even at 8 AM in the morning. The best elements about her class are Punctuality, Energy, and her signature line “Smile people, smile“.

About six months ago I was going through my phase of Let It Be and Zumba was the only thing that would make me forget the worries of the world and inspire me.

Just Dance it out, I say.

A quick tidbit, there is a course called Dance Movement Therapy and it is offered by a few institutes, one of them is the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Further details can be found here:

So this post is dedicated to Hana Meshram who lead me into the love of Zumba and my bestest friend who keeps me motivated through tough times


Zumba Shopping Online:


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